George Olatunbosun Ogundare was born in 1939 to Late Elder Isaiah Ogundare and Dorcas Ogundare in Ilesha, Osun State.

He attended St. Luke Anglican Primary School, Ilesha, after which he began carpentry training from 1951 to 1956. George did full carpentry work from 1956 to 1964 in almost all the states of the south western part of Nigeria, which includes Lagos from where he later came  to Ibadan in 1964. It was while in Lagos that he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Though, born to Christian parents, but never did he come to share intimacy with Christ and experience His love as much as he did when he became committed to loving and serving Him in Lagos.

While in Ibadan, George received the call to ministry under the leadership of the notable ministry sage and apostle, Pastor Ojobe (now late), of The Apostolic Church, Odo Ona from 1964 to 1968. And, while still serving in the ministry, in 1967, George married Rachael Aduke, who is his wife till date.

That same year, 1967, George became committed to the activities of Last Days Evangelical Group (of which he was a founding member). The outreaches and evangelistic activities of the group eventually led to his “exit” from his home church. As a core evangelist and prophet it became a reality that his ministry and calling transcends the regular church activies. The Apostolic Church, realizing George’s evangelistic and prophetic grace was also helpful in setting him off into the field ministry, by sending him to Kwara State (present Kwara, Kogi and parts of Ekiti and Benue States) as a field evangelist from 1967 to 1979. He did ministry in Ilorin, Jebba, Bacita, New Bussa and Wawa, just to mention a few. It also became obvious that George must let-go off his carpentry enterprise for the ministry services.

During his cross cultural missionary activities to Egbado, Yewa, Republic of Benin (Outside Nigeria), and those which are within Nigeria, George’s apostolic calling was evident in the training of church leaders and planting several churches that are still existing till today. But despite his influence in planting those churches, Evangelist Geaorge would never lay claim on any, as according to him, God never called him to have church branches, a conviction which he still stand by till today.

In February 1981, due to the need to disciple people that were  led to Christ under his various outreaches  in Apata area, Ibadan, Evangelist George, who by the grace of God is an apostle of christian faith in Nigeria, began a discipleship movement known as Global World Harvest Tabernacle, Apata, Ibadan. The pattern and operation of the church-like movement is purely evangelistic and missionary.

Evangelist Prophet George’s almost 50 years ministry credence, together with his wife, Rachael, was never without persecutions, rejections, spiritual attacks, betrayals and losses;  including loss of two children (though blessed today with fruitful children, male and female, who are also ministers of the gospel). But nevertheless, as he would fondly say, he counted all the loss for the sake of His love for Christ and His kingdom. One of such losses also was the sacrifice of parting with, and giving out his carpentry tools and machines, for the sake of his call to ministry.

Today, the ministry, Global World Harvest Tabernacle which God’s servant and apostle, George Olatunbosun Ogundare,  founded in 1981, has fully matured into a world class apostolic ministry, training ministry leaders and empowering rural church planters in Nigeria and outside. Testimonies are abounding concerning the impact and fruitfulness of the ministry, to the glory and praise of Jesus Christ,who is our Lord and Saviour.